May 11, 2018 Finomatic

Wealth Management

Various factors have been instrumental in the emergence of Wealth Management in India including but not limited to sophisticated needs of clients in the whole Wealth Spectrum.Clients wish to be more actively involved in the management of their finances and there is a willingness on the part of financial services players, to extend their offerings to meet the new demand. For example Wealth Management Services and Portfolio Management Services in India. Also there is a recognition among providers that, for many clients, conventional mass-market retail financial services are inadequate and hence enhanced services are required

Wealth Management is classified as an advanced type of financial planning that provides individuals and their families with services such as asset management, client advisory services, servicing of the clients and distribution of investment products.

The usefulness of and the need for wealth management is inherent in its name. Whereas financial planning can be helpful for individuals who have accumulated wealth or are just starting to accumulate wealth, Wealth Management is targeted at the more affluent section of the society as the need for Financial Advisory is much higher and complex in nature.

Thus, Wealth management is a higher form of private banking that provides various types of investment, insurance, gold, banking products and services.

Innovative Financial Management (IFM) steps in with a Customized Wealth Management Programme that can help you identify the best investment portfolio, based on your personal risk and investment profile. The proposed investment will be tailor-made as per the client profile because we believe in the dictum “all are different, everyone is unique”. To generate such a customized investment solution, the investor profile of the client is analyzed and based on the analysis, the various assets classes are selected.Recommended products after rigorous analysis from various asset classes will be selected. A tailor-made solution is provided to meet your investment goals and objective to ensure optimal returns matching your risk profile.

An experienced and trained Personal Investment Advisor (PIA) will be allocated to you followed by seasoned Service Manager. Admittedly, you are very good at your own business but in the chaotic financial markets, you need seasoned professional to help you navigate the choppy waters of the financial world and help you to achieve your financial goals. The advice offer is customer centric, actionable and absolutely unbiased and is not driven by the sales numbers. Your PIA will help you in creating an optimal investment portfolio according to your profile. If you have any existing portfolio, it will be duly analyzed, re-structured and managed by our expert team on a regular basis based on your profile. The advisor will also help you in keeping abreast of the various markets as per your needs. Finally, he will also be a facilitator in the execution of your personal investment.